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2006-03-20 00:48:35 - XFireGateway
squirt I dont understand exactly how this works. What do i download besides GOIM
to be able to logon to the xfire server through a jabber client.
Also, do i log on with an xfire name or a jabber name?
2006-03-20 07:13:24 - Re: XFireGateway
Herbert Poul (Kahless) if you are already using a jabber client, you won't need GOIM ..

and if you're not going to host your own gateway you won't need to download anything ..

just open the service discovery window of your jabber client, search on .. and register with with your xfire username and password ..

perhaps i should create a tutorial or something .. but.. anyway .. you could look at which describes how to find and register with a gateway

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