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xfirelib::XFirePacket Class Reference

#include <xfirepacket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XFirePacket (PacketReader *reader)
 XFirePacket (XFirePacketContent *content)
 ~XFirePacket ()
int getSendBuffer (void *buf)
void recvPacket (Socket *socket)
void sendPacket (Socket *socket)
XFirePacketContentgetContent ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xfirelib::XFirePacket::XFirePacket PacketReader reader  ) 

Definition at line 36 of file xfirepacket.cpp.

xfirelib::XFirePacket::XFirePacket XFirePacketContent content  ) 

Definition at line 40 of file xfirepacket.cpp.

xfirelib::XFirePacket::~XFirePacket  ) 

Definition at line 45 of file xfirepacket.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

XFirePacketContent* xfirelib::XFirePacket::getContent  )  [inline]

Definition at line 43 of file xfirepacket.h.

Referenced by xfirelib::BuddyList::receivedPacket(), and xfirelib::PacketReader::run().

int xfirelib::XFirePacket::getSendBuffer void *  buf  ) 

void xfirelib::XFirePacket::recvPacket Socket socket  ) 

Definition at line 49 of file xfirepacket.cpp.

References xfirelib::PacketReader::getPacketContentClass(), xfirelib::XFirePacketContent::newPacket(), xfirelib::XFirePacketContent::parseContent(), Socket::recv(), XDEBUG, and XERROR.

Referenced by xfirelib::PacketReader::run().

Here is the call graph for this function:

void xfirelib::XFirePacket::sendPacket Socket socket  ) 

Definition at line 80 of file xfirepacket.cpp.

References xfirelib::XFirePacketContent::getPacketAttributeCount(), xfirelib::XFirePacketContent::getPacketContent(), xfirelib::XFirePacketContent::getPacketId(), xfirelib::XFirePacketContent::getPacketSize(), and XDEBUG.

Referenced by xfirelib::Client::send().

Here is the call graph for this function:

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