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Project: xfirelib


XFireGateway - Jabber gateway to XFire

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XFireGateway is part of Gamers Own Instant Messenger (GOIM)


XFireGateway is a Jabber ( gateway which allows interoperability between jabber and xfire.

This means that by using any of the standard compliant jabber clients you can communicate with your xfire buddies.

XFireGateway also implements the jabber extensions of GOIM ( - this way if you are using GOIM game information is also transmitted in both directions. ie. your friends will see when you are playing a game, and you will see your xfire buddies playing and can join them with one click. (if you configured the game correctly in GOIM .. and it is supported by GOIM).


It should already work for most uses. But error handling is as good as non-existent. So if login was not successful it won't tell you. If a message was not transmitted correctly you won't know.. but other than that .. it should work quite fine .. altough it still requires some testing. (if you are using it .. post a forum thread to let me know if it works ;) )

  • Supported Features
    • Presence
    • Game Connections
      • (Transmitted through the Away message and GOIM presence extensions
    • Messages
    • Adding/Removing users (+authorizing) - Or .. inviting how it is called in xfire if i remember correctly :)
  • TODOs
    • Group Chat
  • Won't happen (except YOU are motivated enough to implement it ;) )
    • File transfer (through p2p network)
    • VOIP


Currently you can download the source code of the xfire gateway through subversion:

svn co

(it requires xfirelib: and gloox: )

Test the XFireGateway

I'm already running it at - if you are using a jabber client launch your service discovery window (or however it is called in your client) and point it to … there you will find "" register with your xfire username and password .. and you are ready to go...

(You should not in any way rely on this gateway .. i may decide to close it, remove it, reset it, or whatever.. that's why it is called '' :) )

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